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Leaders of the Library:Jiyu Bo, DengFuquan

Deng Tel: 024-56865018, 024-56861668


Administration Office

    It is the administrative body in service of all business departments. It handles such affairs concerning personnel, security, documents, files, welfare, interior and exterior contacts and reception.

Department Head: Bing Wang

Tel: 024-56865029

Acquisition &Cataloging Department

    This section is responsible for the purchase, classification and storage of books and documents (both in Chinese and foreign languages) in the library.

Department Head: Yan Hong

Tel: 024-56865030

Book Recommending Department

    It is in charge of the running and book lending of all book stacks. It also takes part in the subscription and reexamination of books and journals, collecting information about readers' use of books and answering readers' questions at the same time.

Department Head: Liusheng Lu

Tel: 024-56865082

Journal Reading Department

Journal Reading Department is in charge of the purchase, classification and storage of journals and newspapers both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it selects and distributes journals to various reading rooms to satisfy the needs of teaching and scientific research. It also provides consultations to readers.

Department Head: Yongmei Zhang

Tel: 024-56865081

Intelligence Service Department

    It mainly provides intelligence service and document retrieval for reaching and scientific research, displaying to the staff of the university and the students alike the collections of the library regularly, recommending documents, introducing materials, and reporting information. Besides, it offers an elective course named Document Retrieval and Application.

Department Head: Hongjie Lu

Tel: 0413-6865023

Automatic Network Department

    Automatic Network Department is in charge of the network constructing of the whole library, including system development, system conservation, borrowing card affairs, etc. meanwhile, it offers multi-med...

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