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Chinese Scientific and Technological Periodicals Database Mirror Sites
    "Chinese Scientific and Technological Periodicals Database", one of the largest comprehensive documentary databases, contains the documentary materials in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, agronomical science, medical science, economics, management, education and library intelligence since 1989, and its capacity has been improving at the highest rate annually. The time span of the database, the categories of the periodicals collected and its capacity all rank first of the same kind.

Intellectuals Home E-book Mirror Sites
     E-books of Intellectuals Home is an electronic source involving various carriers like library, periodicals, newspapers, and articles. Its contents can be divided into 3 levels: bibliography, abstract, and full text, and it can render many ways of retrievals. The library has purchased all of their E-books which have been published since 2002 or will be published in the future.
    Full Text Database of Copied Newspaper and Journal Documents Gathered and compiled by the Newspaper and Journal Documents Center of China Renmin University, "Full Text of Copied Newspaper and Journal Documents" is broad in coverage, informative, scientific and accurate in its structure. It is the largest documentary database specialized in social science and the humanities. Since 2000, the library has purchased their web-version full text databases. Meanwhile, the library has purchased the databases like " The Code of Laws and Regulations of China", "Documentary Retrieval of Procedural Law and the Full Text Database" and "Full Text Database of Literature, History and Philosophy in the past 50 Years" etc.

The Database of Periodical Digest, and Catalogs in Chinese and Foreign Languages (Net Version)
    It gathers 12,000 kinds of journals covering various fields of studies including social science. The library has also subscribed to some specialized volumes in the fields of petroleum,...

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